Industrial hall IH1, Industrial hall Sale

Industrial hall – Sale

Industrial hall IH1

Industrial hall – Features

  • Location: Srem
  • Land surface area: 15ha
  • Hall surface area: 3.500 m2
  • Level of equipment: equipped with utilities
  • Office space: 220 m2

Additional information

The hall has a 1 MW electrical substation. It has a gas station as well as a water station. The system of atmospheric and fecal sewage is built and connected to the city system. The hall is registered and not burdened by loans. It is very important that the hall is registered to one owner, as is the land itself, in a 1/1 proportion, which is very tempting for every investor. There is an optical internet cable in the immediate vicinity of the hall. The hall is located at the very exclusion of the Belgrade – Novi Sad E75 highway. This hall is located only 30 km from the airport and halfway between Belgrade and Novi Sad. This industrial building is located in the industrial park of Inđija, on the main road which passes next to factories such as: MK Commerc, Agromarket, Grundfos, Monus, Terra Production, Metal-Cinkarna and others.

Located in the vicinity of the facility

Nikola tesla

Highway E70
Belgrad - Novi Sad

City Belgrad

City Novi Sad