Industrial Halls and Building Land–Sales and Rentals

All industrial halls are located within industrial parks and building land is predominantly in one piece

Solution Property is a company that within the framework of its long-term business activity, has a sector dealing with mediation in the following activities: sales and rentals of building land and industrial halls, sales of industrial parks and greenfield investments; but Solution Property is also specialised in mediation regarding the rental of industrial halls, rental of business premises, rental of production halls, etc. Our database contains a large number of information regarding the basic features of the facilities and land for which we are engaged as mediators.

Industrial halls are located within industrial parks. In addition to the halls themselves, the entire surrounding infrastructure which allows the connection of the industrial halls with main roads has already been built. The facilities have all the prerequisites for the installation of an electrical substation with power ranging from 1 to 2 MW. The plot itself is supplied with: gas, water, sewerage and there is an optical internet cable inthe immediate vicinity.

Each client may, through this website, conduct a purchase of building land,a purchase of an industrial hall or a rental of a hall, but there is also an option to submit an inquiry which contains the client’s specific needs.