Industrial hall IH4, Industrial hall Sale

Industrial hall – Sale

Industrial hall IH4

Industrial hall – Features

  • Location: Srem
  • Surface area: 5000m2
  • Lenght: 440m
  • Logistic center
  • Level of equipment: communal equipped with built object and existing railway

Additional information

For rent an industrial hall of 5000m2 and over 300000m2 of open space with two railway tracks leading right up to these halls and the plateau for the setting of containers for the transport of goods. The location is in Inđija within the new Belgrade-Budapest fast railway. Logistics companies would have a huge benefit as a tenant at this site overflowing industrial zones in a 30 km radius..

Additional information

Nikola tesla

Highway E70
Belgrad - Novi Sad

City of Belgrade

City of Novi Sad